1. Peter Montopoli is in year nine (9) of his job as the “general secretary” of the Canadian Soccer Association (the CSA). Interestingly enough, when I hear the term “general secretary” I immediately think of Cold War Russia and the Politburo, and the secrecy, and the cover ups, and the lack of progress, and all to the detriment of the membership (the Russian people) they were supposed to be accountable to.

2. Under General Secretary Montopoli’s Politburo, there is the secrecy, there are the criminal cover ups, all to the detriment of the soccer membership they’re supposed to be accountable to. From day one of being the General Secretary of the CSA, Montopoli has been well aware of the very serious matters published on this and my other websites, as has Montagliani.

4. From day one Montopoli and Montagliani have also known that all of what’s being published is the truth. Yet the one consistency from them in all of this time, including now, is their instinct not to act on what they know, but instead to cover up what they know, to keep it a secret. They don’t care about the lack of progress or about the very serious damages done to the soccer membership and others.

5. You cannot have progress, when you’re too busy steeped in secrecy, you cannot have progress when you’re too busy steeped in cover ups. They do not go hand in hand.

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