CANSOCCER.CA: is mainly dedicated to exposing the role of Gregory Stirling a former lawyer with Parlee McLaws in Calgary. Stirling was the main lawyer for the Calgary Soccer organizations, the CSF, Calgary Mens, Calgary Womens & Calgary Minor Soccer Associations. Stirling also acted at times, on behalf of the Alberta Soccer Association as well as the Canadian Soccer Association and others.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: Many of the corrupt, crooked and criminal acts that were committed by individuals from within the organizations named above, would have been stopped, and others stopped from happening, had it not been for Gregory Stirlings willing assistance and his enabling, in the cover ups, by the commission of more crooked, corrupt and criminal acts.

A formal request has been made through the proper Alberta Justice procedures, for an immediate and transparent investigation into how Gregory Stirling formerly a partner with Parlee McLaws in Calgary, was able to be recently appointed to sit as a Judge, in the Criminal Division of the Provincial Court of Alberta, Calgary Region.  (much more to follow on this)

What will be published on this website for all to see, will astound you. The sheer depth and breadth of how Judge Stirlings lies, his many cover ups, his corrupt crooked and criminal acts that plowed and continues to plow Double Decker Buses, right through the Criminal Code of Canada & the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Stirling didn’t act alone. He was one of the main conductors, and he orchestrated and continued to orchestrate like minded individuals, in corrupting the justice system. Stirling and his cohorts, still believe to this day, that they can get away with the corrupt, crooked and criminal acts that they’ve committed and continue to commit.

1. Why have there been no other major Soccer Centers built in Calgary since the one built in the S.E. 1992. Quite simply it’s because of extensive theft, fraud, the mismanagement of Millions of Dollars, dereliction of duties, obstruction of justice, criminal and corrupt acts, the cover ups that followed, and much more.

Those were the reasons the City of Calgary finally kicked and booted the Calgary Soccer Federation and all of  it’s umbrella organizations, out of the Calgary Soccer Center in December 2012. The City of Calgary have never let them back in and still run the operations to this day.

2. This site will name those who have, and those who still do to this day, lie and lie and lie and who continue with the cover ups of many criminal and corrupt acts that they have full knowledge of. That list is long and also wide ranging, and it includes individuals from within the Police Services, Calgary City Hall, the Alberta Soccer Association (the ASA) and the Canadian Soccer Association (the CSA), who are the governing soccer bodies of the CSF that are mandated to oversee the CSF and its member organizations.

3. Stirling has over many years, blatantly and knowingly lied to the soccer membership, lied to the courts, lied to the media, and to many many others. The lies all designed to prevent what he knew from coming out into the open, and to protect his clients. Stirling has been at the heart of many of the cover ups and without his participation and his crimes, they could not have gotten away with their crimes, for this long.

4. The Calgary Soccer Federation is as corrupt an organization as you can get, it’s leaders have for decades knowingly covered up multiple criminal acts committed by members of it’s own board, and those of other boards.

5. Peter Montopoli the General Secretary of the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) and Victor Montagliani past President of the CSA and now President of CONCACAF along with others, have also assisted in the criminal cover ups.

6. All of their actions are fueled by their fears and rightly so, that any proper investigation into Calgary Soccer, will result in class action lawsuits and multiple criminal charges having to be laid against themselves and their own and others.

7. The individuals who are named on this and my other websites are well aware of what’s being published. They’ve been challenged many many times to prove what’s being published is not true, and many times they’ve neglected to do so, refused to do so, or outright lied, including their long time lawyer Gregory Stirling.

8. They along with their willing cohorts have all knowingly and willingly allowed, and sometimes fully participated in serious gross misconducts & serious criminal acts that have affected the growth of soccer in Calgary.

9. I would personally like to express my thanks to Calgary Police Chief Roger Chaffin (and others to be named later) for their valiant efforts in having assisted me, by them being responsible for providing me with the crucial information and evidence that would not normally have become available to me. (More on those and others in the future).

10. The information that will be published on this site is accurate and has been taken from official documents, police investigation files, audio and videotapes, F.O.I.P. requests, past and present police officers, minutes of board  meetings, annual reports, auditors reports, financial statements, press releases, media investigation files, correspondences, court transcripts, examination transcripts and transcripts of meetings.

11. Their own words, their own materials, their own documents, their own e-mails, their own actions, their own correspondences, and all of the other electronic materials, documents and reports that have obtained via the freedom of information requests, will also damn them.

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